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There is a wealth of resources available on the Internet and the World Wide Web for Christians of all denominations, inclinations and interests.  Some of them are listed here.  If you know of any others that might be included here, please contact the church, or

United Church of Christ - our umbrella organization

UCC home page (http://www.ucc.org/)

Penn Northeast Conference (http://www.pnec.org/)

Montrose Bible Conference (http://www.montrosebible.org/)

WPEL (http://www.wpel.org/)

Bibles and Bible Resources

Bible Gateway (Gospel Communicatons Network)

Offers many ways to read and search the Bible in many versions and languages.

Bible Study Tools (Crosswalk.com)

A wide variety of Christian study resources, including the Bible in many English translations.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (formerly World Wide Study Bible), at Calvin College

A large collection of works related to the history of Christianity and the Bible.

Wesley Center for Applied Theology (Northwest Nazarene University)

This is an academic site, but contains much useful and reliable material.

Online Texts: Books of the Bible and the Apocrypha (Urantia Book Fellowship)

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (Volda University College, Norway)

A good source for texts and Biblical studies.

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Divinity School, University of St. Andrews, Scotland)

This site contains a collection of links related to the inter-testamental books not included in the canonical Bible.


Last modified: 10/24/2008